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Is NIFC for you?

NIFC is the perfect place for player development!  Our professional coaching staff is responsible for all areas of player development.  Very few clubs can boast the fact that NIFC has multiple Division 1 coaches on staff as trainers and team coaches; plus other trainers and coaches with multiple years of experience and professional licensing. Your player, throughout their experience with NIFC, will be trained and coached by top soccer professionals!

The NIFC Director of Soccer has set a club wide curriculum model that meets the demands of developing all players to their potential.  Following the model of US Soccer, the NIFC curriculum is designed with a focus on "Development through Training".  Our trainers put heavy focus on the development of the technical player (ball mastery, confidence in 1v1, etc). The NIFC player development curriculum is set specific for all of our various age group or levels.

NIFC puts a lot of effort into player development.  Each season, NIFC players will receive over 100 hours of training instruction (actual amount dependent on age and team) and dozens of competitive games through leagues and tournaments.  

At NIFC, we set a high standard for our players.  We challenge our players beyond their comfort zone in order to improve not only as players; but as leaders, teammates, individuals, and students.  It is our goal to provide an experience that helps prepare the players for the next stage of life; an experience that results in successes and disappointments, strength of character, lasting friendships, and learning to balance work and play.

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Dan Carl, Club President and Director of Coaching at