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Juggling Club

NIFC Juggling Club!

Juggling provides a fun way to work on skills and conditioning.  You can juggle almost anywhere - you only need your soccer ball.  It will improve your touch on the ball and is a fun way to show some individual talent!

Once you get to 50 juggles, your name will get listed on the website.  BUT....don't stop there, keep practicing and watch your skills and work to move your name up the numbers list.  Get to 150 juggles and earn a NIFC 150 Juggle Club t-shirt!

To have your score verified, you must hit your juggling mark in front of a coach or adult.  They will need to email your verified juggling number to

Have fun!


Current Juggle Club Records

50 Club =

100 Club =

150 Club =

200 Club =

250 Club =

500 Club =